Quick Review: Exploring NYC

Quick Review: Exploring NYC


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My Thoughts Exploring NYC

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Since it was my first time in NYC I wanted to see and do as much as I could.

I was staying in Lower Manhattan so I decided to see the 9/11 memorial. Pulling up google maps I saw the free downtown connection bus that will pick me up right outside my hotel and drop me off super close to the memorial.


After the memorial I decided to see the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a little tricky to find since the streets up to the bridge start more inland than appears on the map, but the NYPD was happy to answer any questions I had navigating.

How Cute!

How Cute!


Next on my list was Central Park and after walking from the 9/11 memorial to Brooklyn I took the subway. I know the New York Subway is old and it was historically 4 different companies with many different lines, but I think NYC’s subway system is really inefficient and I found myself having to walk a decent amount to get to a station. Maybe I am just spoiled being from Chicago which has a more planned out mass transit system. NYC’s MTA does run 24/7 which is really nice.

I walked around Central Park for a couple hours before I decided to go back and rest at The Ritz before dinner. I loved the rocks, bridges, fountains, and open fields found at Central Park. It’s a nice little escape from the hustle and bustle and you can see New Yorker’s personality throughout.


I took the subway back to Lower Manhattan from this cute little station entrance. I passed the World Trade Center at night. I also came across the NYSE and saw the Bull.

I appreciate they gave him big balls

I appreciate they gave him big balls



After rehydrating and resting for an hour I decided to go to Vanessa’s Dumpling House in Chinatown. I heard great reviews about the cheap dumplings and Sesame pancakes so I tried it out. It was of course amazing...but I was paying with credit card and the minimum was $15 so I had to keep adding more and more food since I don’t carry cash. Once I got to $14 Vanessa said it’s ok and put my order in.



The restaurant was packed so I took it to go and ate some on a bench in a local park. I had a good amount of food left, but I was so full. I was planning to bring it back to the hotel and share it with the staff, since I didn’t have a mini fridge in my hotel room.


I got lost going back to my hotel and accidently took the subway to Brooklyn. I got off at a random station to take the train back into Manhattan. There was a homeless man with one leg asking if I had anything to give him. I told him I didn’t have any money, but I did have the leftover food. I’m glad I could give someone the food that actually needed it instead of it going to waste.


Once I arrived back to my hotel I thought about taking the Staten Island Ferry to get some good photos at night, but it was already midnight and I had walked over 10 miles for the day. I needed to be up early for my Cathay Pacific flight so I decided to call it a night.  I could feel the blisters on the bottom of my feet and I didn’t want to make them worse. I thought they would feel up well on my 16 hour flight since I wouldn’t be walking. Boy was I wrong as you will see in my Hong Kong installment.



At The End Of The Day: I have a personal vendetta with NYC, but NYC was pretty cool. It was grimier/dirty than Chicago, but also way more packed than Chicago. I do appreciate that the subway is extensive and runs 24/7, but it’s not as good as Chicago’s in my opinion. I wish credit cards were accepted at a lower minimum (or at all). I would visit again, but I don’t plan to rush back.  

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