Review: $600 Business Class to Asia! Hong Kong Airlines LAX-HKG

Review: $600 Business Class to Asia! Hong Kong Airlines LAX-HKG

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Check In-

Now for the coveted $600 Business Class ticket that made this trip possible! Hong Kong Airlines is actually a pretty niche airline with only 38 Aircraft that was established in 2001 and started long haul flights in 2008. Despite their small fleet I have actually flown them before on a route I’ll be taking later in this journey.

I was taking a complimentary Lyft ride after dropping off my Silvercar Audi Rental. While in the car I tried to check in on HX’s website, but it is very dated and I had a hard time putting in my data for it to progress to the next step. Since I was checking in a bag anyways I didn’t mind since the ticketing counter would take care of me.

My flight departed at 11:50am I arrived to the airport at 10:00am, checked in my bags, and headed toward the security line.

Holy Crap I heard the stories of TBIT @ LAX but damn...this line was LONG. Luckily at that point most checkpoints were open and I was through within 30 minutes which isn't too bad.


Since I was in business class I had access to the Los Angeles International Lounge which was located on Level 6.


The signage was great right after security. The lounge contracts its services to other airlines such as Air TahitiNui, El Al, Philippine Airlines, JAL, Hainan, Hong Kong, & Xiamen.


For being a contract lounge for a lot of airlines it was actually only half full with a decent spread.  The lounge was maybe half full.

Good amount of booze


With a fridge of canned drinks and snacks

And a Soda Dispenser

I didn’t have a lot of time in the lounge before boarding started for my flight. By the time I got to the gate economy was boarding, but I breezed right on through to the business class section.


Hong Kong (HX) 69

Los Angeles (LAX) - Hong Kong (HKG)

Depart: 11:50am

Arrive: 6:20pm+1

Duration 15 hours 50 minutes

Aircraft: Airbus A350

Seat: 19K

This flight was operated with HX’s new Airbus A350. Business class only had a couple of spare seats. I guess a lot of people booked the mistake fare!

I booked seat 19K which is a window seat on the right side of the aircraft near the back of the cabin. I usually book toward the back of the cabin since it tends to have less people than the front, hoping I can score more privacy and sometimes 2 seats (one for a chair and another for my bed).

Passengers consisted mostly of Americans with a handful of Asians.

A thing to note is that there was not any individual air nozzles, but the cabin actually felt quite cold despite most Asian carriers tending to keep the cabin temps warm.

One thing I love about the A350 is that it has a tail cam, and a landing gear cam. Departing out of LAX going west to Asia was beautiful. Look at these pics. We straddled the Cali coast for about an hour.

Seat & amenities-

I picked a true “window” seat that way I don’t feel exposed to the Aisle. I find it much more private and I really prefer them.

Waiting for my in my chair was a pillow & duvet with a bottle of water. The duvet was very nice and thick, but the pillow could have been better.

There was also a pair of HX branded headphones that were slightly better than standard apple earbuds.


After taking my seat the crew passed out Business Class Menus and amenity kits while taking drink orders.

What a cute cover!

What a cute cover!

I ordered a Hong Kong style milk tea which was served with warm nuts.

The amenity kit was well appointed and had the essentials of any decent like eye mask, toothbrush, lotions, and earplugs.  

A Pair of Slippers were also waiting for me, which is great in theory, if they fit my feet.

There was wifi on the plane, but I can never figure out how to get connected and didn’t want to bother the flight crew.

The seat had a plug in outlet as well as a USB to charge up devices.

Food & Drinks-

The menu was quite extensive as you can see below.

For lunch after take off I Started with a salmon salad and soup. The Garlic bread was TO DIE FOR!


My main was the Lamb Chop with, polenta, and mixed veggies


I felt peckish about halfway through so I ordered dimsum off the menu and it was actually pretty damn good

One thing to note is that I asked for some more dimsum, but the flight attendant told me they ran out. I’m surprised they don’t load more because I couldn’t of been more than the third person to order it.

Before touching down into Hong Kong I ended the flight with

In Flight Entertainment-

I didn’t take any photos of the IFE, but it was very extensive. After the duration of my trip I flew on HX for 38+ hours...they have plenty of movies. Tons of Hollywood releases and some older classics.

As mentioned above between most movies I would pull up the cam and open the window to take in the view.

Before I knew it, we were in Hong Kong!

At The End of the Day

I mean what can I say about the flight? This was a great value on a great airplane. The staff was very well intentioned and I don’t have much to say about them. A solid 7/10 on the crew, 9/10 on the seat, plane, and entertainment system.  

Some improvements that could be made is to load some extra dim-sum, have a larger pillow,  and improve the headphones.

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