Review: Silvercar LAX Audi A5 Cabriotlet Convertible

Review: Silvercar LAX Audi A5 Cabriotlet Convertible

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Check out my referral info below so you can rent an Audi super cheap!


Since this was my first time to California I thought it was appropriate to rent a convertible.

I originally booked my car rental with Hertz @ Lax since it is one of the few companies that I can rent from under the age of 25 without extra fees. I had planned to rent a “convertible” for ~$90-100, but later cancelled to go with Silvercar for reasons I’ll explain later on.

Silvercar was recently acquired by Audi, and they are one of the few companies you only need to be 22 to rent from. They are in over 25 locations across the US. Every car in their fleet is a “Silver” Audi A4 that is fully loaded, but since being taken over by Audi they have rolled out the Q5 SUV and A5 convertible to all their locations as well.

Image Courtesy of Silvercar

Image Courtesy of Silvercar

The Audi A5 starts at $89/day, but in reality there are many ways to save on silvercar. During my dates it was $109/day.

lax price.PNG

This was my second time renting from them, so I didn’t qualify for the free day on a 2+ day rental. Visa Infinite card holders get 20% off depending on the duration with code :VINFINITE20.

Since I was only renting for 1 day I got 15% off, but that brought my total to ~$104 for the day. I was willing to cop the extra $10-15 for a guaranteed nice convertible than unknowing get something from Hertz.



I booked through on accident instead of the app. I was trying to do a dummy booking, but it actually went through.

Everything was super simple and straightforward.

I declined their insurance premium since I have primary collision with my credit card and liability with my regular car insurance.

They do ask you to put in minor detailed information about your insurance during booking.

Otherwise that’s it and you should get a confirmation email.

Picking Up-

Once you are at the airport ready to pick your car up you need to be logged into the app to request the pick up.

This was the return, but the interface is the same. Not sure why it said Sixt was the pick up location, but I just flagged down the driver no problem.

This was the return, but the interface is the same. Not sure why it said Sixt was the pick up location, but I just flagged down the driver no problem.

In the original days when Silvercar wasn’t as big an employee would pick you up in an Audi. Now Silvercar is fully integrated with Lyft.

Once you confirm your location they send a lyft to get you. You don’t need the lyft app and there is no payment handled on the customer side.

Silvercar sends you a text message with a internet link that is the same as viewing the Lyft app. The link provides all the information you would need about your driver.

In theory that is a great system, except when it doesn’t work. Not only do you have to wait to be picked up, but drivers can cancel these rides. It happened to me once, but it’s not a big problem.

I’m sure Lyft only sends top-rated drivers for Silvercar’s corporate account. Regardless I should remember to compare this with “the normal” car rental experience.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Picking up was a breeze. They confirmed my reservation and I just had to select a vehicle with my app. The only snag I had was the card on my profile expired and I needed to enter a new card on the app, but that was super easy.

We did a quick look around the car for any dings/scratches/etc & within 5 minutes I was off with my car and a bottle of water.

Returning it was simple. They just checked the mileage, fuel tank, and exterior while ordering me a Lyft back to the airport.
Again let’s keep in mind that we need to compare this with a “normal” renting experience. Above and beyond really.


Driving my convertible Audi was a blast. It makes me think about purchasing one, I really loved it. Within a couple of hours I found myself familiar with much of the system.  

It had paddle shifters on the sides of the steering wheel, so whenever you’re not in LA traffic and you can go into 2nd or 3rd gear I recommend trying it out.

I didn’t know that when the top is down it limits your truck space, but it makes sense At the end of the day it’s not even a lot of space, but the difference means a carry on vs checked bag.

I felt like I drove it a fair amount with my ~20 hours in LA and it was only $20 to fill up with expensive Cali gas prices. So it’s not a gas guzzler, but you notice it.

There’s not much to say other than it goes fast and I LIKE IT A LOT.

I mean look at these photos….

At the End of the Day

I would rent from Silvercar in a heartbeat. They are a great company that mildly disrupts the industry that provide value for many different people. The Audi A5 was super fun to rent and I will 100% rent again next time I’m in a warm climate.

Silvercar Referral Info

Interested in renting from Silvercar? I’ll tell you the best way to get the most value on your first rental so you can try it out. There always codes out there floating around, but below are the most common.

Use code Facebook50 for $50 off your first rental

Use code VINFINITE20 for 20% off a rental

Use code LOUGNEBUDDY for a free day (2 day minimum)


Use code XIUZESPJ for $25 off your first rental in combination with the above codes. If you use that code I also get $25 off for my next rental-THANKS!

That means you can rent a Silver Audi A4 for 2 days for like….$30-50 depending on time and location when using my $25 code with a free day. Not bad at all!

Would you rent from Silvercar?

Have any questions? Ask below!

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